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my solo games odyssey: Dungeon Run

My favorite game of the last year, hands down, is Summoner Wars. It’s a fantastic two-player game with tons of replayability. I am not a fan of fantasy themes in games, usually. But Summoner Wars won. me. over. 

Dungeon Run, while nothing at all like Summoner Wars, is set in the same universe. Many of the characters and abilities are direct ports, and there are lots of little tips of the hat throughout.

I’m pretty sure this is a game built to be played by more people. It plays from 1-6, but I hear four is the sweet spot. Before today, I had only played a two player game. We liked it fine, but knew it’d be better with more.

Now that I’ve played two solo games, I can say again (in case you didn’t hear me): This is a game meant for more people.

THAT BEING SAID: It’s fast and cute. I actually could see myself playing it again solo, although I’m not sure I could do much to shift the outcome. It’s heavily luck-driven, and I imagine the luck increases with each fewer player you have.

My first game, I chose to play as Birodin. You know Birodin, right? He’s the Mountain Vargath Aspirant? ANYway, I was able to dispense quickly with the mummy I encountered. The arrow trap? Disarmed. Zombie? Kaboom. Then I found the big boss: Gra Bogga. He has this neat “kick” ability, with which he dispensed of me tout de suite.

For the second game, I grabbed Addolgar Vayne. He’s the Questing Knight of the Vanguard, y’see. He cruised quickly through the dungeon, right up until he bumped into Ra-Alal and his rotting zombie friend. This fight went a little better than the first one, but ol’ R.A. rolled a stupid amazing attack, and it was over in two shakes.

Look, it’s not a perfect solo game. But it’s still pretty fun. I enjoyed playing it more than I have several of these other suckers. And I am eager to get it to the table with more players. I have a hunch it’ll be a ton of fun that way (see above).

And seriously: Get Summoner Wars. It’s so great. 

Dungeon Run score: 500

Running TWIP: 1765



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