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my solo games odyssey: Friday

(I am doing what I can to look like the characters in the games I play. This is the only one where I am actually succeeding.)

Since I started this little project, there is one game that many nerds have been asking if I was planning to play, more than any other. 


I picked Friday up from The Compleat Strategist in New York (it’s awesome) while I was shooting one of my worst performances EVER. Even though I beat it exactly zero times, it kept me from completely sinking into the hole of despair my terrible acting was creating. 


You are Friday. You have to help ready Robinson Crusoe to fight the pirates. You know, buy building the best deck you can against hazards like animals and cannibals and such.

It’s a deck-building solo game. I love it. 

I sat down this time after recently having played Dominion: Dark Ages, which is often about culling the shit out of your deck, so I fared slightly better than I had in NYC.

I played three games, increasing my score incrementally each time. 

First game: -23 points. Ugh. I got halfway through the red level (the third and final level of the deck-building portion of the game, just before you get smashed by the pirates). This was still better than most of my games back when I bought it.

Second game: +7 points. I made it to the first pirate, who smoked me pretty quickly. I had figured out how to stop fighting hazards more quickly — it’s a requirement to play at least one card against hazards as you’re working your way through the game, but you can stop once you’ve beaten them. Before, I had placed the maximum amount of cards. Don’t know why. I’m an idiot. Made me age much more quickly than necessary.*

Third game: +35 points! I beat the first pirate, and came THIS CLOSE to beating the second one. 

Long story short: I still haven’t beaten the game on its easiest level (there are four levels), but I am improving each time. This is easily my favorite of the solo games I’ve played thus far. From what I hear, Mage Knight may be pretty amazing too… But for a quick, relatively light solo game, I can’t recommend Friday highly enough. Buy it. It’s like $20, tops. So fun.

Friday score: 35

Running TWIP: 1854

*— Sorry for using language you’d really only understand if you’ve played the game. Just play the game. It’s really good.



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