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my solo games odyssey: If I’m Going Down…

Most zombie games are based in the idea that if you can survive, you win.

Not If I’m Going Down….

IIGD is referred to by the designer as a “Dying Card Game,” because no matter what you do, your character will die. Your goal is to take as many zombies out as you can before that happens.

It’s fun.

I mean, you can’t take it too seriously. I think when I started playing it, I was taking it a little too seriously. You can only maintain so much control over what’s happening. There’s a shit-ton of luck involved, since both your weapons and the strength of the incoming zombies are determined by flipping cards off of several decks.

But it’s fun. The game builds up pretty quickly, and makes you feel overwhelmed. You can do what you want, but you’re going down.

It can end a little quickly, which can be a bummer. But it’s fast to reset, so it’s not that big of a deal. 

There are a couple scenarios included, and optional stories you can add in for flavor. You can also choose which character you want to use for the scenario. Each character has a different special ability.

I love scenario-based games. I love that kind of included variety.

I did the Intersection scenario for my first two plays (6 and 8 points, respectively), without a story attached. It was fine, but playing the third game was far more fun.

I went with the Shack scenario, and included the first available optional story. It was a totally different experience. I’m glad I started with the vanilla game to get to know it a little before I dove in for the full-fledged game.

This round, I started off strong. Got my hands on a rifle, and picked off a handful of zombies. Right when my ammo was about to run out, I happened upon another rife, so I swapped out my old one for a new one and got a few more. When they really started to gang up on me, I grabbed a flamethrower from the ground and blasted six dudes, twice. Awesome.

I almost triggered a story event (part of the optional add-on stories (which I, again, highly recommend once you know the game a little)) — I WAS SO CLOSE — but it didn’t matter. It’s a super fun game. Check it out.

If I’m Going Down… score: 19

Running TWIP: 1910



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