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my solo games odyssey: Ingenious

It’s Reiner Knizia again!

I played Checkers as a kid. And I went through a Chess phase in my first year at college. But since getting into The Hobby, abstract games weren’t really all that interesting to me.

Ingenious was one of the games that re-piqued my interest in abstract games. Along with Hive, Ingenious made me understand that an abstract game could be more than a theme-less puzzle. 

When played with other people.

Played solo, Ingenious is kind of… a theme-less puzzle. Sort of. I don’t think it’s necessarily solvable, but your choices are pretty cut and dried.

Your goal is to create strings of symbols. When you place a tile, you receive points for matching symbols in lines out from your tile. This picture from the rules explains it better than my words do.

Anyway, your final score is equal to whatever your lowest color’s score is at the end of the game.

I played it twice. Both times, I ended up with 18 points. I think I would have needed some pretty miraculous tile draws to get above 18. 

It’s a great game, with more than one player. And it’s a fantastic gateway game for people new to The Hobby. As a solo exercise, I think I’m unlikely to play it again. 

Ingenious score: 18

Running TWIP: 1928


It’s a good thing I’ve had a little run of light-ish games, because I’m about to embark on a couple of doozies. The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game isn’t THAT cumbersome, except that I plan on trying it couple times, while re-building my deck along the way. 

But Mage Knight: Board Game? That’s a biggie. Gonna take some learnin’ time.

So it may be a few days between posts here for a bit. Just an FYI.



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